On April 21st, Google released their MobileGeddon update - massively penalizing sites that did not have a mobile version. Cloud Prospecting Machine is the solution...

...and no bonus is better than this:

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Here is everything you get ($994 total value):
  • Complete turn-key Mobile Marketing sales website, loaded with content, videos, case studies and call to action sections.
  • Hours of training on Mobile Marketing, and specifically, selling apps and Mobile Websites to clients. How to get clients, how to position your offer so 9/10 buy, what to charge and where to outsource it so you don't do any of the work.
  • Full sales presentation video (see below) with complete source files so you can edit it as required.
  • Powerhouse Promotion suite: 5 print out Flyers, 3 banners and 1 compelling info graphic that will make your leads turn into clients.
  • Let my statistics, information and case studies win you clients with the 20 page Lead Generation report about Mobile Marketing, complete with source files.
  • Matching Lead Generation powerpoint presentation and professionally narrated video. Set this viral, add your link and it's lead gen on autopilot
  • The BIG one: full Mobile Website Builder. Just install my powerful software and you can create slick, professional mobile websites in no time. Built in image uploads, design skins, widgets for google maps, sliders, facebook and more....this is the deluxe mobile website builder you need to go hand in hand with Cloud Prospect Machine.

How to claim your bonus:
  • Step 1: Click the buy button below and make sure you see affiliate ID "208" in your checkout page like so:

  • Step 2: if you don't see it, clear your cookies then click again.
  • Step 3: Access your bonus in your JVZoo access page

For pre-purchase questions, please contact my support desk: http://icun.kayako.com

50 42 left

I wish you all the success in the world for your new Mobile Site business,

Here is the sales video you're about to receive as part of the package, complete with source files (please don't share - they're worth a lot)